&Food Market Website

&Food is a food market that only consists of local food truck. This website was created to give information about the market and were the next location will. 

About Project

This project was made to showcase a local food truck market. &Food is a figurative market made for a varsity assignment. The market is a &Food truck market that changes location every week. This creates a need for a website to show the next location and for users to see what the market has to offer.


I was tasked with designing a food market website, i chose to create a unique market experience by incorporating food truck. 

What I Did

  • UI/UX design
  • Presentation
  • Research


This was my first wordpress website made, the challenge here was learning the ropes of wordpress. Which mostly included getting the hang of site migration from offline to online and editing the php files.


During this module I had an internship as a wordpress developer, this levelled up my wordpress skills quickly.