Hopper Craft Beer App

Hopper is a craft beer review mobile application. I made it using Vue.Js ad the framework. 

Please view the site in inspect mode for mobile viewing.

About Project

i was tasked with designing and building a social media app of my choice. After some research I decided to create a craft beer app. The apps purpose is to educate people on craft beer, and help vendors (breweries) spread information about there brews. 


This was a university project. The main goal of the project was to use the javascript framework, and build a login portal.

What I Did

  • Design research
  • Wireframing
  • Front end dev
  • VUE.JS


Challenge one was coming up with a topic. The second major challenge was learning how Vue.Js communicates with databases and how it deals with sending and receiving data. 


My reasoning for choosing this topic is – I have very limited knowledge and understanding of beer. I have recently started drinking it and i often get lost seeing craft breweries menus. This app is here to solve this problem and bridge the often daunting gap between the public and breweries.