Queenstown Giveaway

I was tasked with designing a giveaway website for a trip to Queenstown, New Zealand. 

About Project

Queenstown is a beautiful town in the Southern Island of New Zealand. It is extremely popular for tourists. I was tasked with designing a landing page that showcases a give away trip to Queenstown. 


This was website was designed for a varsity project. Its purpose was to showcase a giveaway and learn how to use contrasting colours and fonts to create an experience that represents a companies goal, in this case it is to drive sign ups for a competition.

What I Did

  • Design research
  • UI Design
  • Prototypes


Aligning the competition hosts goals of driving entries, but at the same time not looking like a “scam” website.


I used a layout filled with white space and consistent colours. This will give the user a feeling of reassurance.