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Design Skillset

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User Centered Design

I design products from the perspective of the user, by gaining an understanding of their needs, values, motivation and pain points.

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User Experience Research

I gather information from users, using a variety of qualitative and quantitive methods. I love conducting user testing and perform ethnographic research to find often overlooked information.​

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Rapid Prototyping

I created physical and digital prototypes to test and iterate ideas. Using tools such as invision craft, webflow and many others.​

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User Interface Design

Using my history as a graphic designer I have developed strong skills in designing user interfaces. I focus on creating interactive, accessible and seamless designs. love using grids and creating consistent branding.​

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Front end Development

I build web based products using technologies such as, HTML, CSS, Javascript and C#. I would like to grow my skillset as a React developer.​​

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Building scalable brands is a huge passion of mine. I love all stages of brand development. Using my skills as a researcher I determine who the market group is and design strategies that can be taken to an international.​